#SayHerName Wakeisha, Kayla, Mitrise: Teach In and Speak Out on State Violence Against Black Women and Girls

"#SayHerName Wakeisha, Kayla, Mitrise:
Teach In and Speak Out on State Violence
 Against Black Women and Girls"
- 5:30pm - Welcoming community gathering
- 6pm - Teach In, invited speakers and healers, open mic
- 7pm to 8pm - Community drum circle hosted by S.H.I.N.E. Muwasi (a traditional African female drum and dance ensemble) and musical director Rene Fisher-Mims. Concludes with prayer vigil

Today cities across the U.S. and the world are coming together in solidarity to Say Her Name, honor Her life and to draw attention to the epidemic of police brutality, state sanctioned human rights violations and extreme male violence (both domestic and hate crimes) targeting Black women and girls. This call to action was put out by BYP100, Black Lives Matter Network, Project South, Ferguson Action and other activists and community members to expose and abolish state violence against ALL Black women and girls.

To find a #SayHerName action near your city please visit:


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