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Black Lives Matter's National Call to Action: Trans Liberation Tuesday - Los Angeles Action: L.A. LIVE 4 Black Trans* LIVES

L.A. LIVE 4 Black Trans* LIVES
 L.A. Black trans* community organizers, in solidarity with Black Lives Matter​ National Team’s ‘Trans Liberation Tuesday’ emergency call to action, invite you to this local rally and action entitled 'L.A. LIVE 4 Black Trans* LIVES' which is in response to the escalating murders of Black trans* women in the U.S..
Time/Locations: Tuesday, August 25th. 6-8pm. 6:00pm: Convene at corner of Pico/Figueroa - 6:30pm: Sharing/testimonials – 7:00pm: RALLY at the entrance of L.A. LIVE highlighting Black trans* women and Black trans* femme speakers. Followed by a march and an action
In collaboration with Black Trans* Women's Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter: Los Angeles, Familia: TQLM, Gender Justice LA, LAQRand local transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming community members/advocates, and supported by LGBQ and non-trans straight allies, this demonstration centers on the plight of Black trans* women’s lives who face the brunt of oppression and h…