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Trans Day of Remembrance: Light a Candle To Remember. Light a Candle for Hope

Today is the annual Trans Day of Remembrance, where we honor the many transsexual, transgender or gender non-conforming people who lost their lives to violence. The high majority of trans* people murdered each year are Black and Latina women of transsexual experience.
We at Black Trans* Women's Lives Matter are sending warmth and love to all those who have lost a loved one due to male violence, transphobia and bigotry.
Please light a candle today to honor those we have lost and to shine a light on this epidemic so that things will get better.
  Our Lightwill wipe out all darkness. OurLovewill overcome all hate. Our Determination Forward will surpass all backwardness  Our Hope for Change will overwhelm all fear based thinking and actions Our Acts of Compassion will outnumber acts of violence Our Community will inspire a more understanding and safer world

To find a vigil near you, please go to