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[VIDEO] Trans Advocate Kristen Parker Speaks: Hypocrisy of Some Non-Trans Blacks Implying ‘Civil Rights’ Aren’t for Black Trans Women; Fatal Domestic Violence; Penny Proud; Media Misgendering the Deceased

Following the tragic murder last week in New Orleans of a 21 year old Black trans woman named Penny Proud, noted NYC trans advocate Kristen Parker quickly responded with a moving video commentary which was so unedited and emotionally powerful that it quickly went viral in many trans and ally circles.
Kristen is 33, from the Bronx and is currently the Program Coordinator of MCCNY’s Trans in Action. Towards the beginning of Kristen’s near five minute long video she exclaims,
We are human, we are here! There is nothing that you can do that is going to change the fact that I exist…There is nothing that you can do at this point that can stifle our voice. You can take one of us away and ten more will come!
Throughout the video Kristen reiterated her disdain for the double standard often seen in some non-trans African American individuals (including some Black churches, many hip hop lyrics, online comments sections, Black national/local non-profits and some racial social justice advocacy sp…